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Component gaskets made of TITAN and TANTALUM

We provide gaskets made of TITAN and TANTALUM according to customer specifications.

The materials TITAN and TANTALUM are suited for drawing parts (turned, milled, waterjet cut) and for gasket elements, e.g.
- Grooved gaskets with / without centring ring
- Flat gaskets according to DIN 7603 A

We mainly manufacture / supply according to customer requirements as well as flat gaskets EN 1514-1 made of TITAN and TANTALUM.

TITAN grades:
- Titan grade 2 (3.7035) / UNS R50400
- others on request

TANTALUM grades:
- Tantalum (Ta)
- Tantalum tungsten (TaW2.5 or TAW10)

Not only gaskets but also blind gaskets / attenuate plates can be supplied by us made of TITAN and TANTALUM.
All components / gaskets can be executed with APZ 3.1 APZ 3.2 and EN 10204: 2005.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance in acids
  • High melting point
  • Very ductile and easily weldable
  • Very good biocompatibility
  • Hydrogen embrittlement and carbides are to be noted
  • temperature resistant on air up to approx. + 300 ° C

Areas of Application/ Appliances

  • TANTALUM is particularly in demand as a pure metal, or as an alloy in the chemical plant engineering and high-temperature facilities.