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PTFE gaskets

We manufacture and deliver PTFE gaskets from high-quality materials: GYLON, DYNEON, Klingertop-Chem.

PTFE is a high-quality flat sealing material with features like tightness, high pressure-temperature-combinations as well as chemical resistance.

PTFE gaskets are primaraly used in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

PTFE gaskets GYLON

GYLON 3501
GYLON 3504 blue
Application limit
Operating pressure max. 55 bar (GYLON 3504 blau) or 83 bar (GYLON 3501)

PTFE gaskets Dyneon

TFM 4105
Application temperature
up to +260°C
Operating pressure
up to 40 bar

PTFE gaskets Klingertop-chem

Material types
TYP 2000
TYP 2003
TYP 2005 / 2006 on request
Application temperature
up to +260°C
Operating pressure
max 200 bar


  • Low deformation under load, also with increased temperatures
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Stopped cold flow
  • High recovery
  • Temperature resistance of approx.-200°C to +260°C

Areas of Application/ Appliances

  • chemical and petrochemical industry