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Silver gaskets

According to customer specifications we supply / manufacture metal gaskets or soft material gaskets made of silver.

Fine silver and silver alloys are used in the chemical industry and special-plant engineering as e.g.
- Grooved gaskets as top layer both sides 0.25 to 0.5 mm
- Flat gaskets according to DIN 7603 A
- Spiral wound gaskets with silver filler
- Flat gaskets EN 1514-1

Manufactured and delivered according to your specific requirements made of silver in grades and alloys:
- Fine silver (99.99%)
- Fine-grained silver (ARGODUR special) - silver alloy with nickel
- Hard silver alloys - (AgCu3) - silver alloy with copper


  • high electrical and thermal conductivity
  • resistant to oxide formation
  • Silver alloys have a higher hardness and firmness than fine silver